Hollow Cone Nozzles
Spiral Design Hollow Cone Nozzle viewed:135
  • Liquid flow rate:5.5-4140L/M
  • Spray drop size: medium to large.
  • introduction
    ● SPJT series spiral nozzle is a kind or hollow/full cone nozzle that with spraying angle from 60 to 170 degree, the liquid flow rate is about 5.5-4140L/M under pressure of 3 bar.
    ● The spiral nozzle has a compact structure and smooth flow channel design , it can minimize the liquid barrier and makes the maximum flow rate in certain pipe size.
    ● This spiral nozzle can be installed in most of the pipe systems, NPT or BSPT (MALE) can be provided as thread types. Commonly the spiral nozzles with 1/4 inch-2 inch are usually made of SS316, PTFE,PP or POM, other materials can be also selected for special application.

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