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Water Cooling System Humidifing portable mini fog nozzle viewed:47
  • introduction

    ● Features:

    1. Good atomization effect, special vacuum valve design, compressed air negative pressure induced humidification.

    2. Automatic control system to better display the humidity in the humidification area.

    3. The installation is convenient and fast, the spray direction can be adjusted at any angle, the performance is excellent, and the service life is long.

    4. Visually soft appearance, exquisite circular design, to avoid disrupting indoor harmony.

    5. Compact, but with better humidification performance, lighter weight than similar products. Shorter total length and better performance.

    6. The energy consumption of compressed air is equivalent to 60% of domestic similar nozzles, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    7. Gas and waterway mixing design solves the problem that the nozzle of the traditional spray process is easy to block.

    8. The installation is quick and convenient, and the user can easily spray the work as long as the air compressor is connected.

    9. The spray amplitude and spray capacity are adjustable to complete multiple spray tasks.

    10. Automatic control of temperature and humidity to provide the best solution for intelligent management.

    11. Maintenance-free design, long service life, can always maintain a good spray state.

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